​Assisted Living Monthly: Best Personal Hygiene Gifts for Residents

As bodies age and become more delicate, it is difficult to achieve the same level of cleanliness accomplished in younger years. As time moves on, finding more creative ways to care for health and hygiene becomes necessary. Here are some useful items to help your loved one’s good hygiene while in Ashdon Assisted Living.

  • Footmate Foot Care System is a great way to keep feet clean without having to bend down or make the effort to scrub them by hand. It simply suctions to the floor of the shower. Combine it with the rejuvenating gel for best results. This high-quality foot care system provides both calming and cleaning to more delicate, sensitive feet. Find it here.
  • Nose and Ear Trimmer to keep looking sharp. This imported trimmer is both easy to clean and easy to use. Blades are protected so as not to cut or snag. A great way to keep up grooming and feel young again. Find it here.
  • EZ Shampoo Basin shampoos hair without having to go through the entire showering or bathing process. It simply inflates and prevents splashing with double layered sides. Find it here.
  • One Press Nail Clipper eliminates the difficulty of clipping every single fingernail with normal clippers. This single-handed machine clips fingernails with a single gentle press down. The perfect manicure is still possible with this crafty contraption. Find it here.
  • Lotion Applicator makes moisturizing the whole body a whole lot easier with a long handle and disposable applicator pad. Ideal for those with a limited range of motion. A great way to apply lotion, sunscreen, or other topical creams. Keeps hands dry in the process. Find it here.
  • Professional Water Flosser turns flossing from a hassle into a piece of cake. Designed to be splash-proof with 10 different pressure settings and 7 different nozzles, flossing becomes a painless part of the morning routine. Find it here.
  • Hands-Free Toothpaste Dispenser is a great thing to include with the water flosser. Dental hygiene becomes a breeze with no more toothpaste tubes squirting every which way. Simply mount on the wall, insert tube of toothpaste, and get brushing. Find it here.
  • High Power Denture Cleaning Machine cleans dentures thoroughly anywhere from 90 seconds to 8 minutes, depending on the speed setting. Easy to fill and empty. Also comes with 120 cleanser tablets. This miracle machine is bound to whip those dentures into shape. Find it here.
  • Easy-to-Use Button Hook saves fingers from strain when buttoning or zipping clothing. This handy gadget is low in price but high in need for those with restricted hand and finger movement. Find it here.
  • Long-Handled Brush is a fantastic help when it comes to brushing hair. With a long curved handle, it becomes delightfully easy to brush the whole head without having to strain. Find it here.

Although It is not as easy as it once was for your loved one to take care of themself, there are ways to customize to their current needs. If your loved one does not yet require the full care of a nursing home but can enjoy the independence Ashdon Assisted Living brings, they will surely find these items fun and functional.

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