5 Assisted Living Search Mistakes To Avoid


At Ashford Utah we understand the decision to place a loved one in an assisted living facility is one of the hardest decisions families makes. Assisted living is undergoing quite a bit of a renaissance with the influx of Baby Boomers so it can be hard for families to know how to choose the right facility. There are so many factors to consider. Hopefully these tips will help you avoid these common mistakes while searching for an assisted living facility.

  • Everyone Wants Grandma Or Grandpa To Be Close: When searching this is often referred to as proximity. Proximity is good. However too many families make an emotional decision based on geography. Allow yourself to take a step back when you start searching for a facility. Ask yourself and others involved in the decision, “How far is too far away?” If you have the means to make a two-hour trip to visit a facility, that is significantly less expensive, but offers identical care than the one 15 minutes from home the cost of care savings will off-set travel expenses.
  • Failing To Plan For Future Needs: It can be extremely difficult to look at your loved one with all the detachment necessary to think the possible worst case scenarios. If memory care is a concern, you have to plan now. Some assisted living facilities do not offer memory care in Utah County which means your loved one would need to be moved to another facility.
  • Assuming Good Looks Equal Good Care: When choosing an assisted living facility, you certainly need an attractive setting. Today’s assisted living facilities are looking more and more like destination resorts. There is nothing wrong with beautiful décor and a wonderful list of amenities unless it is at the expense of quality of care. In the clutch of a medical crisis, it can be difficult to take everything in. But, the standard of care must be the top priority. Allow yourself time to make sure the good looking facility is also the one to provide excellent care.
  • Only Visiting The Facility Once (Or Not At All): Assisted living is not an online shopping situation. You need to get in the facility before entering a contract. Sometimes that may be difficult if you live in a different state than your loved one and in that case try to find someone who can visit for you. Ideally you should visit the facility you think you are going to choose multiple times and under a variety of circumstances. Everyone might be happy at arts and crafts time but dinnertime could be an entirely different story.
  • Making The Decision Alone: Whether you are researching for yourself or your loved one, choosing an assisted living facility is not a decision to make alone. Take another loved one or a trusted friend with you as you visit an assisted living facility. Two sets of eyes are always better than one. Plan your visit. Make lists of questions to ask. Work as a team to fully assess the facility.

Whether you are looking for assisted living or memory care in Utah County, we at Ashford Utah are here to help you through this difficult decision.

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