A Day In The Life Of An Ashford Assisted Living Center Resident

It can be hard to imagine what life is like for residents living in an assisted living center. Touring facilities like Ashford is one way to help you see how your elderly loved one will be living. To add another way for you to imagine how your elder will be taken care of, we wanted to give you an inside look at a day in the life of an Ashford Assisted Living Center resident.

Morning At Ashford

Mornings are some of the busiest times at Ashford Assisted Living Center. The majority of our residents are early risers, so our staff works quickly to help everyone become prepared for the day. A basic morning schedule will go as follows:

  • Wake up and dress – Many of our residents follow personal routines to which our staff becomes quickly attuned. Most do not even need to call for assistance in the morning as our staffers know when most prefer to wake up. If needed, a staffer stays to help chose an outfit, helping the resident dress.
  • Breakfast – Breakfast at Ashford takes place in our beautiful and sunny dining room. Residents choose a nutritious breakfast from a menu, with staples like cereal, fruit, oatmeal, eggs and more always available.

After breakfast is complete, our residents can engage in a variety of activities which carry on through the afternoon. Some of the activities are:

  • Beauty salon – We have a lovely salon in-house at our center. Many residents can enjoy some pampering and come in weekly to have their hair done.
  • Socialize – Many of our residents form new friendships when they come to live at Ashford. Family members also tend to visit during this time of the day.
  • Activity – At Ashford, we have regularly changing daily activities for our residents to enjoy. From painting to playing games, your loved one will enjoy a variety of activities.
  • Exercise – There is a daily exercise program which our residents can participate in to stay active and healthy.

Elderly Residents In The Afternoon

Many of the morning activities blend into the afternoon. Some activities which usually take place in the afternoon are:

  • Lunch – Residents gather again in our dining room for lunch. Aids take individual orders as residents order from the daily menu. Residents choose from a variety of sides and entrees, enjoying our in-house chef’s cooking.
  • Group outings – Our residents enjoy time away from the facility as well. From museum trips to scenic drives, the residents at Ashford can stay engage with activities outside of the center.
  • Outdoors – We keep secured grounds so residents can feel safe enjoying our center’s beautiful grounds.
  • Personal time – Residents can return to their rooms for naps, quiet reading time, catch their favorite shows on TV, and other personal activities.

Ashford In The Evening

Evenings at Ashford are when most residents are winding down from a day of activities. We respect this by planning fewer activities in the evenings.

  • Dinner – Like lunch, dinner for Ashford residents is chosen from a menu of delicious and nutritious options. Along with changing entrees and sides to choose from, residents can choose to indulge in dessert. With continually dessert staples like ice cream, jello, and pudding, our kitchens also produce different desserts on a daily basis.
  • Live entertainment – Many of our residents choose to attend the evening live entertainment before retiring for the evening. This entertainment can range from sing-alongs to musical performances and more.
  • Bedtime – For those residents who need assistance preparing for bed, our staffers are there to help them become ready to sleep peacefully.

Giving even a basic schedule can be difficult, as all our residents have their personal needs and interests. So you should know that your loved one will be treated as an individual when it comes to their daily schedule. We make sure each resident is happy and comfortable when living at Ashford.

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