Assisted Living – 40 Years of Improvements

Assisted Living – 40 Years of Improvements

Before assisted living, senior citizens had two options for help with the aging process. They stayed at home and loved ones cared for them, or they entered a nursing home. While nursing homes seemed like a good option, it wasn’t long before facilities became overcrowded and staff became burned out to the point of abusing residents. The other issue was the large range of the abilities seniors had; some were independent and didn’t need all of the care nursing facilities provided. This is what led to the beginning of assisted living.

Around 1975, a woman by the name of Jessie F. Richardson lived in a nursing home. She spoke to her daughter Karen Brown Wilson about helping seniors who needed more living options. This sent Wilson on a path to opening the first assisted living facility in 1981 in Portland, Oregon.

Senior citizens loved the around the clock care provided, along with privacy and independence. In just two decades, it’s become the living option seniors prefer the most.

Ashford Continues Wilson’s Vision for Assisted Living

Just like Richardson and Wilson, we have a vision for assisted living – provide seniors with the level of care they need as they age. We’ve been providing assisted living services to the elders of Orem and Provo, Utah for many years. In these years, we have grown significantly as we learn more of what seniors need throughout the aging process.

For those who want to live independently, we have 31 spacious apartments. Services include medication assistance, meal preparation, housekeeping, bathing and dressing assistance, incontinence care, assistance with walking or wheelchair assistance, and wireless emergency response system.

As we received more patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, we believed that a memory care unit would be beneficial. For our patients with dementia, we offer private rooms along with staff who offer medication assistance, meal preparation, housekeeping, personal laundry service, bathing and dressing assistance, incontinence care, fall protection monitoring and wireless emergency response system.

As we receive more patients and understand their needs, we will incorporate additional services and units if needed. What you can be sure of is that we are constantly assessing the needs of our residents and we will continuously meet their needs as they are identified.

Contact Ashford Assisted Living today for more information about our assisted living facility. We have a long history of providing the best senior care in Utah, and we’d love to show you how we can care for you or your older loved one.

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