Assisted Living: Having The Ideal Living Environment For The Elderly

Assisted_Living_Having_the_ideal_living_environment_for_the_elderlyFinding an ideal assisted living situation can have many definitions depending on who you are talking to. Some seniors really resist the idea. They feel as if they are giving up their independence. For their loved ones, assisted living is often a blessing. Family members are often untrained in the art and science of senior care so they frequently feel overwhelmed as they care for their loved one. No situation is ever going to be a perfect fit for everyone but there are some things seniors and their loved ones can do to ensure the best outcome possible.

In A Perfect World

The best outcomes are always when the senior has planned for his or her own care. In a perfect world, the senior decides when, or if, it is time to enter assisted living. Unfortunately neither of those scenarios is the rule. If you are a caregiver, please understand how difficult and frightening it can be for the senior in your life to accept this change. If you are a senior contemplating assisted living, please understand there is a warm, loving community waiting for you here.

Approaching Role Reversals With Love

Think back to all the times your parent helped you and how you just knew, even if you did not like or want their help, you knew it was coming from a loving place. Especially in cases of role reversal where the child becomes as the parent making all the decisions, the actual parent feels as if they have become the child. Assure your loved one you are working as equals instead of falling into role reversal. That is the spirit any transition from home care to assisted living should come with. We see the best outcomes as seniors transition to assisted living centers when they know assisted living is loving assistance.

Is There A Right Time For Assisted Living?

Of course, every situation will be different but there are a few tell-a-tale signs it is time:

  • Activities Of Daily Living: Bathing, dressing, and grooming; meal preparation and eating; toileting and/or incontinence issues; and mobility. Around 75-percent of seniors in assisted living need assistance with two or more of these daily.
  • Multiple Medications: As a general rule, prescriptions become tricking to handle if a senior needs 10 or more per day. However, in the case of diabetes, heart conditions, and high blood pressure where medication timing could be critical waiting for 10 medications might be waiting too long.
  • Falls: With or without broken bones, multiple falls are can be life threatening.
  • Increasing home care: Once around 10 hours of home care is needed consistently, it might be time to move to assisted living.

Obviously these are general guidelines but they are enough to start a conversation with your loved ones about assisted living.

It Is Always Nice To Belong

Aside from the skilled care assisted living communities provide, companionship is an often overlooked aspect to senior care. Many seniors benefit greatly from the sense of community found in today’s assisted living facilities. Loneliness can be a struggle for seniors whose families live far away. It can lead to depression and reduced mental capacity without any physical cause. Assisted living gives seniors a multitude of opportunities to stay active mentally and physically.

Assisted living can be an ideal solution for many seniors. If you or a loved one are contemplating this change, we are here to guide you through the process. We welcome your questions and hope you will make an in-person visit to see one of our 31 apartments at our Orem, Utah location.

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