Assisted Living in Orem, Utah

What is assisted living in Orem, Utah all about? It’s a local option for long-term care for seniors. Orem assisted living homes manage daily activities, provide elderly care and medical monitoring for senior loved ones.

Benefits of Local Assisted Living in Orem

Wondering if there are advantages to moving your elderly loved one to a local assisted loving home in Orem? Well, there are advantages, such as:

  • Stay a Local Resident – Change is hard enough for seniors. Allow your loved one the ability to frequent the same local business he/she has all these years.
  • Keep Local Friends – Moving to a local assisted loving community means your loved old neighbors and friends are almost as close as the new ones.
  • You Remain Close – If you’re nearby, it’s convenient to visit, and get to your loved one if an emergency arises.

Directions to Assisted Living Community in Orem

Using the center point of Orem as your starting point, use these directions to reach 10322 N 4800 W 84003:

  1. Start out on S State St headed north towards E Center St
  2. Make a right when you get to N 2000 W/N County Blvd
  3. Keep on N County Blvd until you reach 10322
  4. Ashford Assisted Living & Memory Care will be on your right