Assisted Living in Provo, Utah

What is assisted living all about in Provo, Utah? It’s a long-term option for the care of local Provo seniors. Assisted living communities in Provo provide daily care, managed activities, as well as general medical monitoring.

Advantages of Local Assisted Living in Provo

There are some really great benefits to moving a loved one to a local Provo assisted living community. Here are just some of those advantages:

  • Remain in Local Neighborhood – A local Provo assisted living facility means staying local to all the businesses frequented over the years.
  • Stay in Touch with Friends – Local facilities allow people to stay within close proximity to old friends and neighbors as well.
  • Stay Near and Dear – Why not make sure it’s convenient for you and your family to visit your loved one in a local facility?

Directions to Provo Assisted Living Community

From the center point of Provo, use the following directions to 10322 N 4800 W 84003:

  1. Take E Center St, heading west towards N University Ave
  2. Get onto the ramp to take I-15 North
  3. Take Exit #275 towards Pleasant Grove/American Fork
  4. Make a right at Pleasant Grove Blvd
  5. Take a left at W 7280 N/N County Blvd
  6. Ashford Assisted Living & Memory Care will be on your right