Assisted Living in Springville Utah

Assisted Living in Springville Utah

Ashford Assisted Living in Springville Utah wants to help make decisions for how to best meet the needs of you or your loved ones. Ashford’s goal for the following article is to help you make informed decisions. 

When your loved one is struggling with their health, or their mental facilities are beginning to pass, it is difficult to know what to do. Should you move them into your home? Get them full time care? Chances are, they don’t want either of those things. Independence is a prized quality, and they may want to continue living on their own.

However, they will need help. That is why in an assisted living facility, your loved one can thrive.

What Is an Assisted Living Facility?

Contrary to misconceptions, an is not a assisted living facility nursing home, or a hospital. It is a block of apartments where people can live on their own. However, they have regular check ins and assistance with tasks they can no longer perform on their own.

This gives them their independence, while still providing help where needed. Many assisted living facilities are paid in part or full through insurance and state programs designed to help those who need medical care, especially due to neurological problems and conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Why Put Your Loves One In Assisted Living?

Making the decision to put your loved one in an assisted living facility can be difficult. It comes down to what difficulties they are having in managing their day to day tasks. Someone may qualify for assisted living if they have the following:

  • They are having difficulty performing simple motor tasks, such a walking.
  • They are having difficulty performing daily life tasks, such as eating or washing.
  • They are having difficulty with their memory, such as forgetting to perform daily tasks.

Assisted living coverage often relies on your loved one qualifying under at least two out three of the above problems. Some states will require all three. You can ask a local case worker involved in your loved one’s case what your options are, and what programs they may qualify for.

The Benefits of Living In Springville, Utah

Springville, Utah is a town in Utah County, near Provo. It is a great place for an assisted living facility, as it is home to plenty of amenities (shopping centers, medical clinics, restaurants, ect), but small enough to be quiet and safe for your loved one. It is also easily accessible via I-15, so visitation is simple. Being close to the mountains, it is also a breathtaking view.

Find out more about assisted living, and facilities available in Springville, Utah by visiting Ashford Utah.

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