Best Activities To Keep Memories Sharp

As we age, it is paramount that we keep our brains engaged with activities so our memories remain sharp. But not all activities are equal in their ability to stimulate our minds. Passive activities such as TV watching allows the brain to coast. Most Americans spend over 5 hours a day watching TV and this number climbs as we age. So instead of sitting and coasting, we’ve compiled a list of the best activities you can engage in.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Daily exercise is a favorite activity here at Ashford Assisted Living and Memory Care. Depending on physical limitations, we help our residents stay active. Research has shown that engaging in regular exercise is more important than the type of exercise. Simple exercises which can keep both bodies and minds sharp are:

Learn A New Skill

If you want to improve your memory, you will need to challenge your memory. Scientists have found that learning a new skill improves cognitive memory more than engaging in old and familiar activities. Some activities you may want to try your hand at are:

  • Digital photography
  • Quilting
  • Crochet
  • Painting
  • Beading

Read A Book

There has been plenty of research done to prove that reading can improve cognitive abilities. Not only does it keep our brains engaged but can also help us keep learning. There is no one genre that is considered better for memory, so feel free to read whatever you want as long as you keep reading.

While reading can become more difficult as we age if eyesight deteriorates, there large print books and other reading aids. With these aids, you can continue to engage you cognitive memory and keep it sharp.

Keep Your Brain Puzzling

Puzzles are a more passive activity and have not shown a huge amount of cognitive engagement. However, they are better than doing nothing. So to supplement your other cognitive activities, you can try these puzzles:

  • Crossword
  • Jigsaw
  • Sudoku
  • Word search

When Memories Decline

While you should engage in memory-sharpening activities, there are times where genetics have predetermined a certain propensity for memory loss. If that day comes, you will want top-notch care for your loved one.

Memory care at Ashford is always high quality. We have a high staff-to-patient ratio, engaging daily activities, and memory-supportive meals. You can feel secure when entrusting your loved one to Ashford.

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