Finding The Best Assisted Living Location For Your Widowed Parent

When your parent loses their spouse, it is not always possible for them to continue to live in their home. Yet, there are many reasons why it may not be possible to bring that widowed parent into your own home. When you are unable to bring your parent into your home, then you will need to find an appropriate assisted living facility.

There are many factors to consider when looking for the right assisted living community for your widowed parent. From location to the right training, we will cover the things you should prioritize as you search for the best place for your parent.

Assisted Living Chosen With Proximity Considerations

When considering the location of a potential assisted living facility, there are several factors you need to go over carefully.

  • Proximity to family – Depending on your family dynamics, you will need to consider the proximity of the assisted living facility to your family. Many times, as children grow and leave their parent’s home, they can end up far away from each other. It is important to consulting with family members so everyone can voice their opinions.
  • Near medical facilities – Some aging loved ones have medical needs which require regular trips to the doctor. If this is the case for your parent, then you should only consider assisted living facilities which have the appropriate medical facilities nearby.
  • Urban vs rural – Assisted living facilities are more expensive when located in large cities. Facilities located in small towns and other rural areas are generally more affordable.

Choose Assisted Living Community Based On Needs

It can seem obvious that assisted living communities should be chosen based on your loved one’s needs. Yet, if your loved one has not been recently assessed, you may not be aware of all their needs. Once you are sure you know the extent of their assistance requirements, then look into assisted living communities, assessing them for:

  • Types of care provided – Should your loved one need memory care, this is not the same as assisted living. With assisted living, you parent functions adequately with just some help required for things such as housekeeping and meals. If your parent needs memory care, then you should look for a facility which offers a separate unit with memory care-trained staff.
  • Attractive location – Our overall mental health can be affected by our surrounding. So while it seems like a small point, it is important that your loved one has attractive surroundings to live out the rest of their life. It will keep their mood up while they accept that they are no longer able to live independently.
  • Robust community structure – One of the hardest things for seniors transitioning to senior living is losing their old social structure. So, as you look at assisted living facilities, check out the community itself. Look for structured activities and whether or not socialization is encouraged by the staff.

It can be tough helping a widowed parent find the right assisted living community. Take some time to consider your options and your parent’s needs, and you should be able to find a place which is the right fit. You can start by looking at our facilities in Springville and Draper, UT.

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