Finding The Best Rest Home in Alpine, Utah

Finding The Best Rest Home in Alpine, Utah

When it’s time to find a rest home for a loved one or yourself, you want to find just the right one. And who could blame you? Finding a comfortable, welcoming place with excellent care and quality of life can be an overwhelming prospect.

Whether you’re just beginning your search or have been looking for a while, there are several things you should know. Having the right knowledge can go a long way to narrowing down your options. To that end, here are several criteria to look for when searching for the best rest home or nursing facility.

How do residents spend their time?
Aside from meals and medical care, consider the activities available to residents. A good nursing home should provide a calendar of daily activities for people to enjoy. For those who are unable to leave their rooms, there should be activities or projects brought to them to pass the time and keep their minds sharp.

Is the staff overworked?
Find out how many residents there are for the number of nurses and other staff. Ask about the length of shifts and the expected shifts per week. Observe how staff members treat each other and react to other patients. Do they seem stressed? If you suspect the staff is expected to do too much with too little time off, that could be a red flag.

Are the rooms comfortable?
Depending on the patient, nursing home facilities can be set up like a hospital, or more like an apartment building. Most facilities offer different setups or levels of care, depending on what each resident needs. There may be certain floors or buildings for different levels, from limited assisted living to full-time nursing care. But whichever level is necessary, consider the overall feel of the accommodations. Will your loved one feel comfortable? Is there plenty of room for visitors?

How is the food?
Food is a big part of our lives, and can be especially important to those with limited choices. Pay attention to how the food looks and smells. You may even be able taste the food as part of your decision-making process. As a matter of procedure, most nursing homes will record what and how much residents are eating. If what your loved one seems to be eating too little, this could be a sign they aren’t happy with what’s being served.

Are the medical facilities adequate?
Every rest home should have qualified doctors and nurses on staff. There should be advanced medical facilities to treat illness, emergencies, injuries such as falls, and psychological issues. Meet as many of the doctors, nurses, and administrative staff as possible.

This is not a complete list of considerations. Every decision-maker will go through the process in a different way, with varying priorities. Talk to others who have been through the process of choosing a rest home, and read plenty of reviews. Overall, your primary goal is health, happiness, and good quality of life.

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