How Proper Nutrition Can Help You Steer Clear of Dementia

Medical understanding of dementia is constantly expanding, and for those with parents or grandparents with Alzheimer’s, that understanding can’t come fast enough. Because one of the things that has been clearly identified is Alzheimer’s strong hereditary, genetic link.

So even as you settle your loved one in our excellent memory care unit, you would likely prefer another alternative. With early-onset Alzheimer’s, there is a 50 percent chance that if a parent has the mutation expressed, you will as well. However, for late-onset Alzheimer’s, there are more components to consider, with one of the strong ones being nutrition.

Foods Associated With Memory Problems

Your brain needs certain nutrients to perform properly. Healthy fats, lean proteins, vitamins and minerals are vital to keeping your brain healthy but unfortunately, these basics have been shifted to the sidelines by the average American diet.

Instead, many people consume these memory-starving foods:

  • “White” foods – Colloquially called white foods as most of these are based in white flour, foods like cake, white sugar, white rice, pasta, and white bread. These foods cause both blood sugar spikes and inflammation in the brain. Also, researchers have found that whole wheat bread is not much better than white bread.
  • Microwave popcorn – This family movie night staple has been found to have the chemical diacetyl, which chemical has been linked to the build up plaque build up in the brain.
  • Processed meats and cheese – You should be eliminating or at least severely cutting down on your intake of: bacon, American cheese, deli turkey and ham, mozzarella sticks, Laughing Cow, and Cheez Whiz. Both of these have been associated with chemicals and protein production that is associated with Alzheimer’s.
  • Beer – Most of these standard alcohol staples contain nitrates, which have a strong link to Alzheimer’s.

What You Can Eat To Boost Memory

Now, don’t feel like there is nothing you can eat and enjoy anymore. As you phase the above foods out of your life, start adding these foods into your regular diet.

Bonus, these foods can benefit your loved one suffering from dementia, as the nutrients help boost the impaired memory.

Aging With Dignity

Taking care of aging loved ones can take a toll on families. Here at Ashford Assisted Living and Memory Care, we understand that the decision to enlist outside help is a tough one.

Our staff is trained to be sensitive to the needs of both your aging senior and you as a family member. You can rest easy knowing they are getting world-class care and can live out their sunset years with dignity.

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