Medication Malfunctions Can Lead to Dementia

Medication Malfunctions Can Lead to Dementia

One of the greatest advantages to living in the 21st century is our access to medicine. Advances in medical science in the last 50 years have been astounding. However, there is an unfortunate downside to the amount if medication being prescribed in the United States. Sadly, some of the drugs prescribed to people over the age 65 are having adverse effects on their minds causing different forms of dementia.

Medications To Take Note Of

There are three types of medications that have been linked to dementia:

  1. Benzodiazepines – used mainly as a sleep aid but also prescribed to help with anxiety.
  2. Opiates – powerful pain killers such as LorTab and OxyContin
  3. Tricyclic Antidepressants – known to treat severe depression

One study discovered that patients over the age of 65 taking benzodiazepines were 50% more likely to develop dementia. A dosage even as small as 4mm taken daily can increase the risk of dementia.

Why Are Older Men and Women More Susceptible To Dementia Caused By Medications?

  • The body’s ability to naturally expel waste decreases with age which causes a greater accumulation of drugs in the body.
  • Older patients tend to be prescribed multiple drugs at a time. Occasionally these drugs do not mix well together and this can lead to unexpected problems.
  • Age increases the brain’s sensitivity to drugs which means even a lower dosage might affect the brain in the same way a normal dosage would.

These studies can be unsettling especially if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with some form of dementia. You may feel lost on how to best handle the situation. At Ashford Living, we specialize in caring for those affected by dementia including Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, and more. If you have a loved one who’s care has progressed beyond their means, let us help your family adjust to this new lifestyle comfortably in our assisted living facility.

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