Looking for a Nursing Home?

As loved one’s age and need more daily living assistance, some families being to look for a nursing home which may suit their elderly loved one. Along with determining how to find a good nursing home, you should make sure that your loved one even requires a nursing home or may benefit more from another kind of facility.

Do You Need A Nursing Home Or Another Facility?

There are many types of elder care facilities to choose from when looking for a place for your loved one. The main types of elder care facilities are:

Independent Living

An independent living facility is the most hands-off elder care facility. Residents live on their own in private or shared apartments and carry on with most of their activities independently. Staff is mostly present to take care of laundry, housekeeping, and potentially cafeteria service. Most of these communities offer activities so seniors can mingle and make new friends and the staff will regularly check on residents to ensure they are okay. Ashford is NOT an independent living facility.

Assisted Living

Similar to independent living, an assisted living facility takes the care level up a step. It includes all the services of an independent living facility as well as help with medication, incontinence, 24-hour care, bathing, and mobility assistance. Ashford IS an assisted living facility.

Memory Care

As you move up in care levels, memory care brings all the services of assisted living and upgrading it for those seniors who need more intensive help. These facilities offer total care assistance for their residents, from hygiene help to assistance with eating. Memory care units are sometimes combined with assisted living facilities, though they have their own care units. Ashford IS a memory care facility.

Skilled Nursing

Sometimes called a nursing home, a skilled nursing facility primarily varies from a memory care facility by the level of staff employed. In a skilled nursing home, there will be a higher amount of licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and doctors on staff as well as a higher ratio of certified nursing aids to assist with residents. These facilities are also used for those who need rehab from injuries and are not restricted to elderly residents. Ashford is NOT a nursing home.

Retirement Community

A continuous care retirement community, also just called a retirement community, is a blend of independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Depending on your elderly loved one’s needs, they will be placed differently as they enter a retirement community.

Methods To Try When Looking For A Nursing Home

There is a large variety of nursing homes available to choose from when looking for a place for your aging loved one. Some methods you can try when looking for a nursing home are:

Talk to Your Relative's Doctor

Your relative’s regular doctor will have a good idea what kind of care facility your loved one needs and may have good facilities recommendations.

Discuss with Family and Friends

It is important to have a support system when looking for a nursing home, especially if your elderly loved one needs financial assistance from other family members. Friends may have already gone through the search process and may have recommendations.


A long-term care ombudsman will know which facilities are quality and which have had problems in the past, as they inspect nursing home facilities when issues are reported. They will likely have good recommendations on nursing homes for your loved one.


As you are considering nursing homes, read the online reviews about the facility in question. That way you can gain an outside perspective on the facility.

If you have determined that an assisted living and memory care facility is what your loved one needs over a skilled nursing home, then contact us. We are happy to answer any of your questions and arrange a visit so you can see where your loved one may come to live.

The Ashford provides Memory Care and Assisted Living for Utah and Salt Lake counties.

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