Sending Your Loved One To Ashford Assisted Living Center

Sending Your Loved One To Ashford Assisted Living Center

It isn’t easy deciding to send a loved one to an assisted living center. But if your loved one is clearly struggling while trying to managing day-to-day tasks, it is time to seriously look into helping them with this next step.

To help you and your elderly loved one prepare to come to the Ashford Assisted Living Center we have compiled some steps you can take so you can both be prepared for the transition.

Assisted Living Finances

Assisting with organizing your family member’s finances is key when looking into assisted living and can be one of the more intimidating parts. However, there are a couple options you should know of before opening your checkbook:

  • Veteran Assistance – If your loved one served during wartime, they could be qualified for VA benefits. This can also apply to the spouse of someone who served.
  • Tax benefit – The cost of paying for assisted living can qualify as a tax-deduction.

Be sure to talk to a qualified accountant who can help you become ready for the financial aspect of the transition.

Take A Tour

While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you can judge our facility by its looks. Not only will you both love our beautiful center, but it will also ease your mind knowing your loved one is so comfortable.

Instead of visions of sterile, hospital-like rooms, your loved one will be surrounded by warm colors and elegant furnishings. All of our assisted living apartments are private, so no need to worry that your elder will suddenly need to adjust to living with a stranger.

Furnished Assisted Living Apartments

Each apartment will come fully furnished with room for some personal touches. This can be a difficult aspect for people transitioning to assisted living, as they have been used to living with only their own possessions.

To help your elderly loved one transition smoothly, work with them on what they would like to bring with them to their new home. We highly recommend pictures and small keepsakes, as these will not only be the easiest to incorporate, but also hold the most memories.

New residents are encouraged to bring their whole wardrobe and personal beauty and hygiene products. Bedding is provided by Ashford Assisted Living Center, but a few throw pillows to personalize the space can be easily accommodated.

While the transition to assisted living can be difficult on all of the involved family members, here at Ashford we are ready and willing to help the transition to be as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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