The Advantages of Assisted Living Care

As a person ages and begins to struggle with daily tasks, family members may consider alternative or long term care. While it is tempting to keep a parent or elderly patient in their own home and familiar environment, is it important to consider the benefits and advantages associated with assisted living care. When deciding whether or not to transition an elderly family member away from home, you must consider what it would cost in both time and energy to make their current space safe and habitable for increasing needs. Elder care has improved greatly over the last decade and a secure environment created specifically to allow older adults get the most out of their golden years can greatly increase their quality of life.

1.      Private Living Spaces – The clinical feel of the typical nursing home is not a factor in assisted living communities. Each resident has their own space they are allowed to decorate as they please. There are different levels of facilities, depending on the needs of the resident. Some offer condo style housing complete with kitchens, while others are simply a comfortable series of rooms with a dining area.

2.      Floor Plans – Although home might seem ideal, it also might not be the best environment for aging joints. Falls and accidents among the elderly are much higher when they must navigate stairs or slippery footing. Assisted living facilities offer floor plans that are simple to navigate and meet the needs of seniors. Hallways include handrails to aid in stability and are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, if necessary and bathrooms are also fully equipped with stability devices such as raised toilets and shower handles. Accessible elevators are provided in multi-level communities to allow residents to avoid the stairs. Floors are composed of non-skid material, while cupboards and shelves are all within easy reach. Most facilities offer large windows, creating good natural light for those who are struggling with their eyesight. Ample artificial light is also provided to make each living space as safe as possible.

3.      Levels of Care – Assisted living facilities offer different levels of care, depending on need. This can range from simple check-ins to daily nursing visits with meal preparation and regular assistance with bathing and dressing. Assisted living facilities provide access to doctor services and health care tailored to seniors as well as transportation and shuttles when needed. Each living space has easy access in each room to contact emergency care personnel any time of day or night.

4.      Exercise and Wellness – Assisted Living Facilities promote exercise and wellness among their residents. They often offer regular fitness classes conducted by professionals that can cater to needs and level of each seniors. Dining areas offer three optional healthy and delicious meals each day for optimum health as well as removing the need to cook or do any serious grocery shopping.

5.      Socialization – Loneliness and isolation is a large concern among seniors. Assisted living communities offer an engaging lifestyle where residents have the opportunity to socialize with peers and friends. Organized classes, religious groups and game nights are all opportunities for seniors get out and about without even having to go far from home.

6.      Help With Housecleaning – Along with the basic tasks of getting cleaned and ready for the day, most assisted living facilities offer assistance with other daily and weekly chores, such as cleaning. Heavy housework can be draining and stressful at best and a high risk for joint injury. Regular housecleaning options help seniors relax and save their time and energy for more enjoyable activities.

7.      Memory Care – Dementia is a common issue among seniors and it can be difficult to keep an elderly loved one both safe and regularly engaged in a home environment. Assisted Living Facilities are fully equipped to help those with dementia or memory loss live healthy and enjoyable days.


If you or someone you love is considering an Assisted Living Facility, please visit us at Ashford Assisted Living and Memory Care to discuss your many options. 

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