The Ashford Difference

Locally Owned and Hands On

The Ashford is locally owned and managed by its owners. They are 100% hands on and you have direct access to them all the time, anytime.


Specializing Solely In Memory Care

The Ashford specializes exclusively in Alzheimer’s/Dementia care, allowing us to focus our energy and attention on your loved one’s needs 100%. We do not offer regular assisted living services; however, if you need such services, we are happy to help refer you to some of our great friends nearby.


Designed Specifically for Memory Care

Studies show that elderly with Alzheimer’s/Dementia do much better in smaller group settings which are less confusing but still allow for the needed interaction. The community layout should be simple and easy to navigate among the different areas to support the resident in maintaining his/her independence. Too large of a community will cause the resident with dementia to depend on staff more often, thus causing the resident to not be as active. Specific coloring and textures have a large effect on dementia residents’ behavior and ability to be independent. For example, the floor and the wall coloring should have a distinct contrast so that the resident is able to distinguish where the wall meets the floor. Flooring with large patterns can be very overwhelming for them and may seem to be uneven. We knew from the get-go we wanted to specialize in Memory Care. That’s why the layout, colors, design, and other features are unique at The Ashford. With only 16 private rooms, the size allows for more focus and attention on your loved one’s needs. Frequent monitoring is a must in Memory Care and the layout of The Ashford allows for this. Rooms have been carefully laid out so as to allow close monitoring of each resident.