What Makes Assisted Living In Utah So Great


When looking for an assisted living facility, most people have a list of wants or expectations. They expect the facility to be clean and friendly, with qualified staff, social activities, various assistance levels, and of course good medical care. Fortunately, here in Utah, facilities abound that offer all that and more.

Having lots of choices is a good thing, but it necessitates doing some homework before narrowing down your selection. In the Salt Lake Valley from Ogden to Provo, it seems more assisted living facilities are opening on a weekly basis. Fortunately, Utah has some great facilities and a few “perks” that make assisted living in Utah a solid choice.

Here are a few reasons why assisted living in Utah is so great:

  1. It’s Utah
    First and foremost on the list is the fact that you get to live here. The majority of assisted living residents will still enjoy getting out and enjoying all Utah has to offer. Unlike a lot of other places, Utah enjoys all four seasons; hot summers, pleasant springs, cool falls, and snowy winters. And with each season comes an abundance of beautiful scenery, whether you go out and experience it for yourself, or just enjoy sitting on your balcony or next to a window. There is no other place like it.
  2. Cost Savings
    In choosing an assisted living facility, most will pay close attention to the cost. The good news for Utahns is that, compared to neighboring states like Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, and Wyoming, the average monthly cost here is lower (2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey).
  3. Financial Help
    Every state has different laws that dictate coverage for assisted living facilities. In Utah, several Medicaid waivers add up to significant coverage. Other federal, private, and non-profit assistance programs available here can help defray out-of-pocket costs for assisted living.
  4. Great Health Care
    Utah consistently gets high marks for health care. In fact, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Utah has the 7th best health care system in the country. Quality of heath care tops the list of concerns for many when looking at assisted living options.

There are plenty of other reasons why assisted living in Utah is so awesome – you could probably name a few of your own. It goes without saying that you should always do your homework when looking for a great facility. However, for those concerned with friendly people, beautiful surroundings, lower costs, and high quality health care, you really can’t beat living in Utah — no matter how old you are.

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