What Makes Springville Utah A Great Location For Your Assisted Living Stay

An interesting study by Genworth Financial found that the most common fear among senior citizens was being a burden to their loved ones as they age. This can be placed within the category of a cultural mindset; Americans in particular are taught from the very beginning of their lives to strive for independence. Losing that is a horrifying notion for most, and something that no one wants to contemplate.

In spite of that, most people over the age of 65 will end up in a position where they need long term care. If they are going to avoid seeking it from relatives they will have to enter into a care facility. Extreme cases will need round the clock nursing, but for others an assisted living community is the perfect choice.

How Is Assisted Living Different Than a Nursing Home

An assisted living facility is a community of individual apartments or homes that house the occupant. It is completely independent, with one exception: there is staff on hand to assist in any way the occupant needs. They provide medication, do daily checkups, and perform various tasks if the occupant is impaired, such as feeding, shopping, dressing, and transportation.

When in assisted living you are getting the best of both worlds. You are able to maintain that self reliance that is so important, but still get help on those things you need to from a staff of trained professionals.

Springville, Utah: The Perfect Assisted Living Location

Utah has an increasingly large senior population, and so assisted living communities have been popping up all over the state. One of the most popular destinations is Springville, a city in Utah County not far from Provo.

What makes the city so ideal is the mix between city and small town features. It has plenty of shopping centers, grocery stores, entertainment venues, doctors offices, and more. But it is a smaller area, and much slower than the streets in Salt Lake City. It is also safe, quiet, and beautiful.

Springville is also the location of a senior center, dedicated to promoting social and emotional well being in the local senior citizens who have made the city their home. You can find events,social gatherings, assistance, and community connections at their many functions. They even have regular field trips, including transportation, in and out of the county.

Find out more about assisted living communities in Springville, Utah by visiting Ashford Utah.

You can also check out our new Assisted Living and Memory Care Center in Draper, Utah.

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