What To Look For In Your Parents’ Memory Care Services

What To Look For In Your Parents’ Memory Care Services

With a larger aging population, there has been a growth in the geriatric care industry. This has left people with many more options when it comes to finding an appropriate living situation for their aging parents.

It can be difficult to sift through all those options on your own. So we have collected some tips on what you should look for when looking for memory care services for your parents.

Distinction Between Assisted Living And Memory Care

When looking for services for a parent who needs memory care, you should first check to see if the facility differentiates between assisted living services and memory care. If the people you are talking to make no distinction, then they are not the place for your loved one.

Memory care units, sometimes called special care units, require more intensive care and skilled nursing. These units usually are set apart from the rest of a facility to better secure and care for those elders dealing with memory loss.

Transparent In All Dealings

You can learn a lot from how open someone is when you are working with them. The same applies to any facility to which you are looking to entrust with your loved one.

There are several ways you can gauge the transparency of an elder care facility.

  • Prices – Most memory care services do not have listed prices. This is in part because each individual is assessed and it is determined how much care is needed. But once you have discussed care costs, there should be no room for extra fees tacked on without your contract being reassessed.
  • Accommodations – Like at Ashford, a reputable memory care facility should allow you to tour the facility. While allowances should be made to protect the privacy of the residents, you should be able to see exactly how your parent will be living.
  • Visiting – You should not have to schedule to be able to visit your parent. While there will be visiting hours to help residents maintain a schedule, any good facility should be open to visitors dropping in anytime during the visiting hours.
  • Staffing – As you work with a facility, they should be able to tell you exactly what is required to work at their facility. Be sure to inquire about how many nurses are on staff, how many certified nursing assistants there are per residents and the qualifications of the kitchen staff.

While it can be difficult to decide on where to place your parents when they need memory care, just remember to utilize the above tips. That way you can be sure to exclude any facility who cannot meet these standards.

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