When is Assisted Living Necessary for My Family?

Health problems are inevitable as those we love age, and when they start to struggle with taking care of themselves, it is common to take it upon yourself and become a caregiver for this person. There comes a point, however, when the friends and family members of a senior citizen can no longer provide all the care that they need. Since it may be a tough decision, here are 5 signs that show that an assisted living center is necessary.

  1. Wandering Behavior- Those with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia tend to wander on their own from time to time. This can be very alarming because they might get lost and not remember any phone numbers to call for help. If you have to go to the bathroom really quick and come back to find mom or dad has vanished, assisted living might be the answer because there is constant care provided to them.
  2. Aggressive Behavior- Seniors with dementia and other health problems sometimes develop aggressive attitudes or behavior, even to those trying to help them. “Sundowner syndrome” is the nickname for becoming agitated at later times in the day. When it gets to the point that it is damaging relationships, wreaking havoc on daily routines necessary for the rest of the family, or preventing the care they need because of resistance, it’s time to go to the professionals for help.
  3. Time Constraints- The truth of the matter is, not many can stop living the life that they already have to care for someone who needs 24-7 attention. Needing to go to work, shopping, and other family events might prevent this senior from getting enough attention. If the situation is worsening, you used to be able to keep up with it, and now you cannot, an assisted living center may be the answer.
  4. Growing Needs- The physical needs of the patient might require a certain kind of facility in order for them to function. For instance, if you have stairs in your home, they need a hospital bed, or assistance going to the bathroom and in the shower. If their needs are starting to outgrow your knowledge for caring for them, or your physical ability in the house, you need to seek help.
  5. Caregiver Stress- Many times the caregiver is not able to fully take care of him or herself because of all the time it takes to care for the other person. This might result in health problems, career setbacks, financial struggles, or depression. Although it might feel selfish to put yourself first in this situation, it’s important to think about both parties in the situation. Caregivers at assisted living centers have shifts and breaks, whereas you are committing to care for this person 24 hours a day. This is simply impossible for long periods of time. They will get the quality and quantity care that they need when they are dealing with specialists that they have access to 24-7.

Taking your loved one to a trustworthy, trained staff in a top-of-the-line facility will suit their needs better, and allow you to still accomplish the day-to-day tasks that you need to for yourself and family. Contact a local Assisted Living Center today for more details.

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