You Can Keep Your Mind Sharp By Keeping Your Hearing In Tune

You Can Keep Your Mind Sharp By Keeping Your Hearing In Tune

Recent studies have found a strong correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Which makes sense when you consider what it must be like for those who are losing their hearing. It would be like listening to a radio station that slowly became more static than sound, lessening your attention and ability to concentrate as you constantly strain to hear.

The study also stated almost ⅔ of adults over the age of 70 deal with some level of hearing loss. This number may not surprise someone who has been in an assisted living facility recently, but it is a troubling number since it is clear that hearing loss has been linked to a sharp decline in cognitive function.

We have some suggestions you can follow to help you protect your hearing and your mind.

Have Hearing Checked Annually

For most, hearing loss is a gradual process. You will automatically start adapting to lower hearing ability, which can mask the loss for a long time.

To keep from having hearing loss sneak up on you, we recommend you begin having annual hearing check ups once you reach the age of 50.

Focus On Your Nutrition

Proper nutrition can help you avoid dementia and can also affect your hearing. Potassium-rich foods are particularly helpful in combating age-related hearing loss. Foods which can help both cognitive function and hearing are:

  • Spinach
  • Lima beans
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Melons

Avoid Loud Sounds

Some loud noises are unavoidable, like passing a jackhammer on the street. But you can protect yourself from many loud noises which may damage your hearing.

  • Concerts – It may not be the cool thing to do but you need to wear earplugs when you attend a concert. Hearing damage can start at 85 decibels and most concerts are around 110 decibels.
  • Earbuds – You’ll want to eliminate earbuds from your life and switch to headphones. The sound impact is much higher with earbuds than with headphones, making it much more likely you will destroy the tiny hairs in your ears which respond to sound.
  • Radio – As much fun as it is to jam out to the car radio, avoid the urge to indulge. The loud sound reverberating through your car can greatly damage your hearing over time.

Making these adjustments may not be the easiest at times but your mind is worth protecting, so keep it sharp by taking care of your hearing.

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